Me as Elsa Going to see Frozen:)

Me as Elsa Going to see Frozen:)

Here is a pic I took myself of what I did to my hair to go see Frozen in theaters!!!
I might post some more pics of me and my BFF Brielle King as well:)


Frozen :D


HOLY FREAK’N FLIPP’N CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might be going to see Disney’s Frozen either today or tomorrow!!!!! My BFF and her mom(and my sister) are probably going!!! If I do go, I am going to wear my hair like Elsa….and I might even post it on here for u!!! My reaction to this?


A Frozen Story

Elsa ran her fingers through her silvery white hair, she didn’t know if she could be able to tell her sister. She had snow, cold, ice, and wind powers ever since she was a baby, but she never told her sister Anna about it. She was 11 years old now, and Anna was 8, she decided that maybe she was old enough now to understand. She stepped outside her room and peered down the hall for Anna, no one there. She looked around curiously for her younger sister, when she heard laughter outside. She looked out her snow-crusted window to see her younger sister playing in the snow with a small reigndeer. Elsa smiled as she imagined how fun it would be to go out in the perfectly white snow. Her imagination overtook her as she ran for the door, grabbing her coat and boots on her way out.
She ran up to her sister as the cold wind nipped at her small, white face. Anna was trying to ride on-top of the small, fuzzy reigndeer, but she couldn’t hold on for much longer and kept falling into the fluffy snow. Elsa giggled as the reigndeer would help her up again.
“Hey Elsa! U came outside to play with me and the reigndeer?” cried Anna, seeing her sister standing there.
“Yes, uh, where did u find this little guy?” asked Elsa kindly

“He was prancing through the snow, having fun like I was!” Anna smiled cheerfully as she hugged the reigndeer’s neck, “Can we keep him?”

“No Anna, we don’t know if he belongs to anyone!”

“Awwww!!! But he’s so cute and fluffy!” Anna squeezed the little neck like a child would hug a pet.
Elsa sighed, “Oh alright, but if someone comes loking fr him, he is going back!”

“Yeah! Thank U Sister!” Anna ran over to Elsa and hugged her tightly.

Elsa cringed a little from Anna’s tight squeeze, but relaxed as Anna went back to the small reigndeer. Where did this reigndeer come from?? And where is it’s mother?

All of a sudden, Elsa heard a sound in the woods. She cautiously backed up and took Anna’s hand.
“What? What is it Elsa?” cried Anna worriedly.

Elsa stared into the forest, trying to spot something. Then a small boy, no younger than Elsa, came barreling through the entryway of the woods. Both girls screamed as he fell head-first into the crusty, white snow(crusty because of the ice cicles that dropped from the trees). He groaned,
“aaahhhhhhggg…….that went well…..Sven? Where r u?” He lifted his head to look at them his hat and face covered in snow.
Elsa cautiously stepped forward, “Um, hello, my name is Elsa and this is my sister, Anna.” she gestured to Anna and herself.
The reigndeer, remembering the boy’s voice, pranced over to him and started licking his face, melting the snow.
“Oh! Sven!! No, not right now buddy!” he tried to push away his reigndeer’s head to try and get up.
“Oh, he’s ur reigndeer??” said Anna peering from behind Elsa’s back

“Um, yes. We were going to see what happened if Sven, my reigndeer, pulled our sleigh down that hill back there. And apparently, u go too fast if u do it that way!” He stood up and brushed himself off.

“Who are you?” asked Elsa, not letting Anna come out from behind her.

“I’m Kristoff, I sell ice. Me and Sven travel all around to sell ice for a living!” replied the boy, taking his scarf off to shake it out.

“Oh yah! I know u! I watch u sell ice to people sometimes!” cried Anna, finally getting in front of Elsa and walking towards Kristoff.

“Really? Cool….I guess….” he said, his voice trailing off. “Hey do u girls want to sled ride? I have a great hill to do it on! and I have some extra sleds!”

Before Elsa could protest, Anna was running over to Kristoff, all excited.
“Sure! Come on Elsa!” She gestured for Elsa to follow as Kristoff started leading Anna into the woods.
Elsa couldn’t turn back now, she couldn’t let Anna go into the woods with someone she hardly knew, so she followed reluctantly as well.